How to deal with Stress and stay healthy?

Handling Stress is a major concern these days. We all have gone through this. Even though there are many techniques to combat Stress, many have not been successful enough to overcome the aftermath. People still complain of sleepless nights and panic attacks owing to Stress. The accumulation of Stress leads to serious health problems, which include anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and various heart-related diseases.

how to deal with stress and stay healthy

In this article, we are going to discuss how to deal with Stress and in turn lead a healthy life. The main reason for writing this article to help those suffering from Stress and anxiety. We will discuss on simple techniques and the natural way on how to deal with stress.

What causes Stress?

Our jobs are getting complicated day by day. We work more overtime than ever before.   I have worked in a start-up firm and have gone through some of the most stressful situations in a workplace that one can imagine. It is imperative to stay away from Stress and be in a healthy state.

First, let us understand what Stress is. Stress is nothing but a reaction within our body to the sudden changes that happen around us. Factors around and within our body can cause stress.

There are good Stress and bad Stress. Good Stress is when your body reacts to a real-life situation like standing up and talking to a crowd or a life-threatening danger like having an encounter with a wild animal. Good Stress happens for short duration and it is our body’s mechanism to deal with a difficult situation. Whereas bad stress is caused by negative thoughts or influences and on the long run will have harmful effects on your body.

Reasons for Stress can be many, from an unhappy situation in office to death of a loved one, and it can vary from individuals to individuals. While some people are good at stress management, others tend to succumb to stressful situations.

It all depends on how one responds to the situation. The best way to go about stress management is to remain positive and be ready to face any challenges and situation that comes your way.

What are important signs of Stress?

Human body is an incredible creation. Our body actually speaks to us in the form of signs, giving us hints on the difficulty it faces. It is designed to understand and react to Stress. We just have to observe them and take remedial actions.

The after-effect of Stress can be in the form of headaches, mood-swings, sleep disorders, and even body aches. In a stressful situation, our body will not be able to function to its full potential.

Do you realise what happens to your body when it is under Stress? The following are some of the reactions to stress; having faster heartbeats, taking shorter breaths, increase in blood pressure, muscles become tenser, decrease in digestive enzymes, etc. These are the mechanisms by which our body is trying to communicate and indicate that something is not just right. We should therefore realise that in the long term, Stress is harmful to our body and we should do our best to keep it at bay.

How to manage Stress naturally?

Managing Stress is essential and more importantly it about how one goes about it. Like any other aspect, stress can be managed efficiently with constant efforts and continuous monitoring.

It is important not to undergo any kind of medication for Stress, as it will have long term side effect. So we have to try and manage Stress naturally, and the way to do it is by attaining good health.

Here are some of the tips one can follow to stay healthy and manage Stress:

1. Have enough sleep

Sleep has a significant role in physical development of the body. It is vital but widely ignored. Good amount of sleep is therefore essential. It give the body the rest it needs to stay fit and healthy. A minimum of 7 to 8 hours of regular sleep is needed for good health.

how to manage stress naturally

2. Maintaining Good diet

Eating healthy is a key aspect. Eating a lot of vegetables for vitamins and minerals, and a good portion of protein and carbohydrates will help your body with the fuel it needs to function properly. Keeping our body hydrates is controlling our body temperatures and keep our organs functioning properly.

how to manage stress naturally

3. Regular Exercise routine

Exercise plays another important role in helping to fight Stress. A growing number of studies show that Yoga is a great way to reduce Stress, stay healthy and help maintain an active lifestyle. Regular exercise keeps our body fit and eliminates excess fat. Exercises release happy hormones called endorphins and keep your mood positive throughout the day.

how to manage stress naturally

4. Keep away from drugs and intoxicants

Drugs and intoxicants messes up with routine body functions and will in turn increase your stress level. Therefore, one must keep away from drugs and intoxicants. It is common and very depressing to see these days that especially young people turn to all kinds of narcotics to sway away from stress and anxiety.

how to manage stress naturally


Stress can therefore, in many ways affect one’s health. It can affect the way you think and behave. If left unattended, Stress can cause major health problems both physically and mentally. It is important that one stays happy and contentful.

what are important signs of stress

Scientific studies have shown that being able to manage Stress has a direct impact on increase in brain functioning and having a better immune system. The bottom line is that with an effective stress management techniques one can become make happier, healthier and even more productive than before. The more you practice, the better you become at it.

Going forward, younger generations will be more prone to stressful situations, by taking in consideration the kind of work culture being followed by businesses these days. Therefore, it is advisable that we first educate ourselves and take necessary actions, and thereafter teach our children and younger generations how to handle Stress in a better way.

Hope this article was useful. Please let us know in the comment section how you felt after reading it.

Stay Happified!

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