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Hey, let me start by welcoming you to our blogging site ‘Stayhappified.com’. Thanks for dropping by. We hope you are finding our blogs helpful. This is a big dream come true for us; a platform to express ourselves and share valuable information.

We at Stayhappified.com are constantly making efforts to provide high quality content for the overall wellbeing of human life, both in terms of health and relationships. The topics that we discuss at Stayhappified.com are the outcome from our personal experiences and are posted here for the sole purpose of making it beneficial for all readers.

Peace and happiness is what is to be aimed for in life, and happiness is definitely attainable but constant efforts have to be made. We all deserve to be happy and there is no point in being unhappy and depressed. As the saying goes, “Life is too short, so let us make the most out of it while it lasts”. Encourage yourself with positive thoughts and people who share the same positive vibes. Have gratitude, and be thankful for all that you have been provided.

Eating healthy is another important aspect that we at Stayhappified.com emphasis on. Eating healthy and staying healthy goes hand in hand. Hence, we have also included innovative ways to make home-cooked meals in an interesting way. Inculcating healthy eating habits is the need of the hour. Especially during the current period of curfew, my family and I have explored a plethora of nutritious and tasty dishes. As a result, we have started enjoying cooking together. There are many advantages of cooking meals and enjoying it as a family. The advantages of cooking at home, apart from being healthy, is that it help in bonding as a family and is also pocket friendly.

While working towards a goal, one can realise that it is not easy to bring about a change in ones behaviour, but with constant practice and perseverance we can achieve the unachievable. There will be resistance from within, but eventually a habit will be formed and things will become easier.

Our objective at Stayhappified.com is to look at life in a holistic perspectic as we believe everything is inter-connected. There is a prime relation between physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. By revisiting how our forefathers and earlier generations used to live. There wasn’t any kind of technology then and yet they remained so healthy. The main reason we believe is that they were closer to nature and they were content with what they have. Today, no matter how much we earn or possess is insufficient. We want more and more, and this leads to negative and unwanted thoughts, including jealousy, hatred and anger.

Going forward, we intend to explore more areas related to health, relationships and environment. There is lot of areas to be discussed. Parenting is another area where we would like to highlight. Together, we all have the responsibility of making the world a better place. Let us ensure we spread happiness and positive thoughts.

about us

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